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Fagnes Blond

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The classic Fagnes Blond is distinguished by its flavours of coriander, orange peel and liquorice. A great success that allowed the development and launch of new Fagnes beers.

  • With a creamy head and a fragrant, slightly spicy nose, this highly successful blond beer has enabled the development of the brewery and the gradual launch of a new range of Fagnes beers
  • 7,5% Alc.Vol., with refermentation in the bottle
  • Available in 33cl, 75cl bottle, 20l barrel + Magnum (1,5l) & Jeroboam (3l)

Serving temperature: 6-8°C.

Fagnes Blood Orange

Description complète

Unbeatable with its bitter fruitiness.

  • Brewed with blood orange juice
  • Amber-red and slightly hazy, fruity bitterness
  • Warm fermentation
  • 7% Alc. Vol., for an unmatched pleasure
  • Available in 33cl bottle and 20l barrel

Serving temperature: 8-10°C with or without ice.

Fagnes Dark

Description complète

Mild and creamy, this beer can be enjoyed all year long. 

  • With aromas of red fruits and slightly caramelised malts
  • 7,5% Alc. Vol., saturated in bottle
  • Available in 33cl, 75cl bottle, and 20l barrel

Serving temperature: 6-10°C.

Fagnes Cuvée Constant

Description complète

Will delight all special beer lovers !

  • The caramelised malt notes are very present, with a perfect balance giving a velvety and long-lasting finish
  • 7,5% Alc. Vol., with refermentation in the bottle
  • Available in 33cl, 75cl bottle, and 20l barrel

Serving temperature: 8-10°C.

Fagnes Gold

Description complète

The light special... It will amaze you with its powerful and intoxicating nose which projects us into hop fields at harvest time, take the time to smell it: fabulous !

  • Has a light, shiny blonde colour ;
  • Will make your senses travel ;
  • It required 1 year of work to create it ;
  • 5.1% Alc. Vol., for more lightness ;
  • Available in 33cl bottle and 20l barrel.

Discover its remarkable and astonishing delicate hopped nose. Then enjoy its round, long-lasting and delicately flavoured palate.

Serving temperature: 6-10°C.

Fagnes Griottes

Description complète

An absolute classic...

  • For special beer lovers willing to discover a refreshing and fruity beer with no added sugar
  • The fruit enhances the beer, delicately and finely
  • 4.8% Alc. Vol. and brewed with 7% Northern Morello cherries
  • Available in 33cl, 75cl bottle, and 20l barrel

 Serving temperature: 6-8°C.

Fagnes Triple

Description complète

A magnificent copper colour, find out about its character and its flavours !

  • Preserve a creamy and generous head, with a fragrant nose and distinguishing itself by its subtle fruity taste
  • 9% Alc. Vol. to give you 100% pleasure
  • Refermentation in the bottle
  • Available in 33cl, 75cl bottle, and 20l barrel

Serving temperature: 6-12°C.



Description complète

An amber beer with golden highlights.

  • Nestled in the valleys of Namur, the “Domaine de Chevetogne” invites you to discover its 600 hectares of nature reserves. In this landscape of nature, culture and gastronomy, a beer was missing...
  • Full-bodied, long-lasting in the mouth, deep, the Chevetogne has the nobleness of the Terroir from which it comes
  • 6,2% Alc. Vol., and saturated in bottle
  • Available in 33cl bottle and 20l barrel

Serving temperature: 6-10°C.

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